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Understanding Sensory Processing Challenges

Finally understand WHY sensory information might be challenging or anxiety provoking, and discover the different types and subtypes of sensory challenges

in this 35-minute, self-paced video training. 

For parents of children with sensory challenges, adults with sensory challenges,
or rehab professionals.

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‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Decode sensory processing
‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Identify the types & subtypes
‚úĒÔłŹ Have fun doing it

Does Sensory Processing Feel Overwhelming?

ūüĆü Do you struggle to make sense of sensory processing difficulties, leaving you feeling in the dark?¬†

ūüĆü Do you find it challenging to connect with your sensational child, leaving you both feeling isolated?

ūüĆü Do you struggle to grasp what sensory processing difficulties actually means...and so you feel lost on how to help?

You're not alone in this. Many parents, adults, and professionals just like you face the same rollercoaster of emotions daily. 

And that's often because there's a whole spectrum of sensory challenges beyond what most people are talking about...

  • Sensory Modulation: This includes sensory seekers, sensory avoiders, sensory disregarders, and sensory fluctuators. It's all about how we¬†interpret¬†sensory input and how¬†our brain¬†responds to it. Understanding modulation can help you make your child's environment more comfortable¬†by tailoring the amount & type of input to their needs.

  • Sensory Discrimination: On the other hand, sensory discrimination difficulties relate to the ability to differentiate between sensory inputs & the specifics about them. It's like recognizing the subtle differences between textures, sounds, or tastes. People who struggle with this might find it especially hard time with buttons, telling the temperature of something, or knowing how hard/soft to throw a ball. Recognizing these challenges can lead to practical solutions, like providing shoe laces in two different colors.

  • Sensory-Based Motor Difficulties: This category relates to challenges in posture, motor planning, and execution. It can affect skills like handwriting, balance, or coordinated movements. Recognizing these difficulties can open doors to effective interventions, support, & practice.

Here's my favorite secret:
 Education is your most powerful tool. Understanding the whole spectrum is the key to empowering you & your child. Fortunately, my 35 minute mini-course offers a clear path to understanding these tricky sensory challenges.

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Imagine Actually Understanding & Predicting Sensory Responses

Want to know how? In Understanding Sensory Challenges, you will...

(Finally!) Learn about
Sensory Processing

You are the expert in your child, and it all starts with knowing them from the inside out. This program, Understanding Sensory Challenges, will educate you on what's happening in their brain and body so you can see food through their eyes (and nose...and ears...and mouth...and fingers!). Here's the thing...when you finally understand whats behind those meltdowns & challenging mealtimes, you don't just endure them - you learn from them.

Discover the Different
Types & Subtypes

One size doesn't fit all. This program will introduce you to 5 child avatars that will help you identify the different unique sensory type and subtype, so you can begin to understand why the body responds to sensory input in a certain way.

Harnessing this understanding becomes your tool to improve every day, making each day less chaotic and more enjoyable.

Get the Information You Need to Choose the Strategies that Work

Selecting the right strategies hinges on each person's unique sensory system. For ex: if someone tends to avoid sensory input, bombarding them with light or sound might not be the best approach. Once you Understand Sensory Challenges, you'll be better equipped to make informed choices and tailor your strategies effectively. Enough crossing your fingers and hoping for a change! Start empowering yourself with the WHY, because that's going to make the HOW a whole lot easier.

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What's But Don't Just Take it From Me!

Here's What One Parent Had to Say About Understanding Sensory Processing Challenges"

"I just finished watching the Sensory Processing Difficulties masterclass and it was SOO helpful. My daughter's SLP always comments that my daughter finds food "threatening" but I never fully understood how or why that happened. I love our SLP, but in our 30 minute sessions there's never enough time for me to dig into the detail or get all my questions answered. The practice schedules SLPs back to back - so I compeltely understand. 

For the first time every, I was able to undersatand how and why my daughter feels anxious when we introduce new foods. I feel like watching this masterclass just shifted my whole perspective and understanding of how my daughter experiences eating. I am moving on to the next masterclass now that specifically talks about the sensory system and eating. Can't wait to learn more!"

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Hi! I'm Dr. Sam,

and this is my rescue dog Wolfie ūüź∂.¬†We're¬†your guides to unlocking the sensory system and making¬†life an adventure for you, your child, or your clients.

With a passion for turning sensory & food into a playful and exciting experience, I'm here to help you break free from the monotony of daily battles. As a trained pediatric occupational and feeding therapist, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative effect that understanding the sensory system can have on a person's life and overall relationship with food, your body, and your family.

I’ve spent the last 9+ years working in the
hospital system helping families improve their child’s development, sensory processing, and eating. Throughout my time as an occupational therapist I’ve worked with countless families in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric care unit (PICU), and cardiac intensive care unit (CICU), as well as in outpatient clinics.

But what frustrates me the most, is that education about the sensory system, eating, & development aren't readily available in terms that are understandable, leaving adults, parents, & therapists feeling lost & confused. 

I know how frustrating it can be to worry that you’re not doing the right thing for your child, your body, or your client. My goal is to help you feel empowered and confident when it comes to the sensory system.

Together, we'll create a world where the sensory system no longer holds us back, but propels us forward.

Let's do this! Love, Dr Sam (and Wolfie ūüź∂)

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