Self-Regulation Strategies
for When Your Child is
Over- and Under-Stimulated!

 Find simple techniques to help your child get their body back "in-sync" BEFORE the meltdown hits, in this quick guide & podcast episode.

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Inside this free resource you will:

Understand self-regulation and it's link to
the 8 senses
(yup, 8 not five)


Self-regulation is key to helping your child's body and mind find the 'just right place' for any activity. By understanding the science, you can help them lay the foundation for better relationships, school success, and overall emotional well-being.

Explore the "Sensory Thermometer," your go-to-guide for understanding and supporting your child's body


Start navigating your child's sensory world, by learning about their body's unique sensory thermometer. 

This helps you  effortlessly determine when their body feels 'too hot' or 'too cold' from a sensory perspective.

Find simple & actionable tips, you can realistically implement throughout
your child's day


Gain a toolbox of practical, kid-specific tips for those moments when you notice your is child veering off balance. Tailored for both over and under-stimulation, these actionable suggestions empower you to positive support your child's unique sensory needs.


I made this free resource in mind for the busy parent who is exhausted from the constant meltdowns and walking on eggshells. To cut out all the fluff and help you start getting connecting with your child now.

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"You are amazing. And your tips and knowledge have been so incredibly helpful...You have helped me to be a better parent and understand what my son is feeling and how to help him"


Hey there, I'm Dr. Sam Goldman ‚Äď think of me as your new OT bestie!

I'm all about providing online sensory and feeding education for parents, adults, and rehab professionals. My mission? To help you finally understand sensory processing and discover what you can do to make those senses feel their absolute best, turning the chaos of everyday life down a notch.

Ever feel like the sensory system is this great unknown? Like you're tiptoeing around, holding your breath, just waiting for a sensory meltdown? I get it. Whether it's school, work, meals, or outings, it seems like unpredictability is the only guarantee. But here's the thing ‚Äď even in those tough moments, your child's body is sending you messages about what it needs to feel its best. You just need to learn how to decode them!

That's where the magic happens. When you understand those sensory signals, you can proactively provide your child's body the input it craves, making those inevitable curveballs of life a little less daunting. Because, let's be honest, life rarely goes as planned. So, if you're ready to make sense of the senses, you're in the right place! Let's navigate this sensory journey together and bring a bit more calm to everyday.

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