5 Sensory Food Play Ideas to Help Your Child Become a More Adventurous Eater

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Understanding the Importance of Sensory Food Play

Throughout the guide, I'll explain why sensory food play is a powerful tool in encouraging adventurous eating. You'll discover the science behind food play, and how children's experiencing mealtime through their hands can help them become more open to trying new foods. 

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5 Simple and Engaging Food Play Activities

I'll introduce you to 5 sensory food play activities that are both fun and effective in promoting adventurous eating. From unique sensory bins to challenges games of food basketball, you'll learn how to transform mealtime into an exciting adventure. 


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Tips for Nurturing Adventurous Eating Habits

I share valuable tips and strategies throughout the guide to help you foster a long-lasting adventurous eating mindset in your child. These practical tips will empower you to transform your child's relationship with food and lay the foundation for a lifetime of positive eating habits.

You + This Guide = everything you need to get started!

Maybe you've been considering incorporating sensory play into your child's mealtime routine but found yourself hesitating because it seems like a lot of time and effort.

Perhaps you've already experimented with sensory bins filled with dry rice and beans but feel like you've hit a plateau.

Whether you're a beginner or looking for a fresh approach, this free guide is the perfect resource to revitalize your child's eating habits and bring some adventure to the table!

With this guide, you'll find the essential ingredients to help your child become more adventurous one food at a time

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Hi There, I'm Sam!

and I teach parents how to introduce new foods to their child with sensory needs & SPD without the mealtime battles! The parents I support dream of their child as an adventurous and happy eater.


But instead, they feel defeated, exhausted, and confused about how to help their child when nothing seems to work. (Sound familiar?)


My background is as a pediatric occupational and feeding therapist with over 9 years of experience working with children both in the hospital and in the outpatient setting.


As a self-proclaimed food & sensory nerd, I love to empower parents with the education and resources you need to confidently and consistently introduce new foods to their child - without the tears or fighting. If that sounds good to you, then grab your download today!

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